Dr. Dieter Zakel

I am a physician, a consultant, an entrepreneur, and a soldier.

I am a physician, a consultant, an entrepreneur, and a soldier.

  • Name: Colonel Dr. Dieter Zakel MA, AAF Ret.
  • Job: Physician
  • Age: 61 Years
  • Residence: Cyprus
  • Hometown: Vienna, Austria

Highly accomplished Licensed Physician and Health Care Administrator offering 20+ years of dedicated service delivering state-of-the-art medical care to health care consumers at various international locations. Areas of clinical expertise include anesthesiology, critical care, family medicine, and transfusion medicine. Recognized as a pioneer in transforming health care through development of new business models for medical practices, launch of new health care programs and service lines, and serving as a consultant on capital improvement projects for health care organizations.

Forward-Thinking Leader with successful career as a retired Colonel in the Austrian Army serving in various key leadership roles directing clinical operations within dynamic health care settings worldwide. Effective in matrix-managing cross-functional interdisciplinary teams that collaborate as a focused unit to achieve ambitious goals in patient care. Keen understanding of industry trends and implementation of new technologies to meet the needs of diverse patient populations.

Significant International Relations experience in the development and launch of new organizations focused on supporting human rights, providing international relief, influencing key decision makers in politics, and making a positive difference in the lives of others. Multilingual and extensive experience working with individuals from culturally diverse backgrounds.

Internationally recognized Key Opinion Leader with several publications in peer-reviewed publications on cutting-edge medicine and served as consultant for government agencies and high-profile international organizations. Valuable clinical resource for training and mentoring health care providers. Fostering an environment of high-morale, peak efficiency, and team orientation.

My Services


I am an experienced anesthesiologist in all clinical fields, including intensive care medicine, EMS and pain medicine - except heart surgery.


I have a vast experience as a doctor, army officer and mediator. This is a quite unique mix of capabilities which could be put to your service.

Quality Control

Quality is to achieve what you want with day to day unchanged precision. I can help implementing these principles.

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Clinical Services Only

$ 950 /Day
  • OR Services
  • Intensive Care Services
  • EMS Services
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Clinical Services & QM

$ 1500 /Day
  • Clinical Services
  • Documentation and QM-Planning
  • Execution
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Unobtainium Package

$ 2500 /day
  • Full disposition over all my
  • knowledge, assets
  • and time
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My Education

  • Zakel Healthcare

    Managing Director and Owner 6/16 – Present

    I founded this boutique healthcare company in 2016, which specializes in niche markets. We are just the right size for clients who are not willing to pay big money to big companies for big company solutions. Me and my team of international experts, specialists and operators are at your service 24/7. We strive to solve problems others can't.

  • TUI Cruises, Hamburg, Germany

    Ship Doctor 11/16 – 6/17

    Serving as an Anesthesiologist and Emergency Care Physician in the emergency ward on board of cruise ships. Responsible for the basic and emergency medical treatment of the passengers and the crew members. Dealing with a wide range of medical conditions - evaluation and treatment of medical, surgical, gynaecological and paediatric problems; suturing of wounds; incision and drainage of abscesses; evaluation of ophthalmologic emergencies; reduction of simple dislocations, splinting and immobilization procedures; Advanced Cardiac Life Support procedures and treatments (ACLS, ATLS, PALS, PHTLS) including emergency airway management; administration of thrombolytic agents and other life saving interventions.

  • International SOS, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

    Anesthesiologist & Emergency Care Physician 10/15 – 8/16

    Served as Anesthesiologist and Emergency Care Physician as well as specialist for Transfusion Medicine for ISOS catering to the Australian Federal Police. Provided care for patients and supervised on-site paramedics. Negotiated and activated emergency repatriation. Treated AFD patients in the ED and ICU.

  • International SOS, Erbil, Iraq

    Senior Medical Officer 11/14 – 10/15

    Served as Senior Medical Officer for ISOS catering to the oil industry in Iraq. Provided care for patients and supervised on-site paramedics. Negotiated and activated emergency repatriation.

  • dr.ive in, Vienna, Austria

    Owner 05/14 – 09/14

    Launched and managed medical practice that provided comprehensive medical care in outpatient setting. The practice offered medical care at a flat-rate price model, which was reported through all media channels across Europe as an innovative concept with great acceptance by health care consumers; Wal-Mart subsequently adopted this flat-price model.

  • 360° Medizin, Vienna, Austria

    Owner 08/05 – 09/14

    Opened and managed personal physician service, providing patients with comprehensive cutting-edge medical solutions for various medical conditions. Set up a Ladies Program for the family of patients.

  • FIFA U-17 World Cup, Kaduna, Nigeria

    Chief Medical Officer 07/09 – 09/09

    Organized and managed medical EMSA and security services for World Cup.

  • Landes-Nervenklinik Wagner-Jauregg, Linz, Austria

    Staff Anesthesiologist 11/04 – 12/05

    Administered anesthesia or sedation during medical procedures. Collaborated with members of multidisciplinary team to determine type and method of anesthetic procedures. Educated medical students and other hospital staff on types and method of anesthesia used during procedures. Instructed individuals and groups on disease prevention and healthy lifestyles. Conducted medical research for disease prevention, investigation of new medications, and developed new medical techniques.

  • Medical University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria

    Staff Anesthesiologist 01/96 – 09/04

    Tasked with participating in research programs, teaching students and other health care providers in operation theater, and various administrative duties. Took part in various research programs and published papers.

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My Experience

  • Consulting - Vanbreda International

    Medical Consultant 05/09 – 03/11

    Contracted to expand organization’s expert network throughout Austria.

  • National Research Center for Maternal and Child Health, Astana, Kazakhstan

    Senior Consultant for Anesthesia and Intensive Care 05/10 – 11/10

    Selected by President of hospital to build Anesthesia Department for organization’s new hospital.

  • Vienna General Hospital, Vienna, Austria

    Project Lead 10/03 – 04/04

    Led AKH Project, “Saving 50% Blood” to save red packed blood cells in facility’s university clinic.

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My Clients

“In summary, Dr. Zakel is a well-trained, skilled, and circumspect anesthesiologist and critical care physician and also a team player who, always with the risk / benefit ratio of the patient in mind, is able to solve medical challenges and problems quickly and reliably. In doing so, he works with extreme dedication and initiative to bring about good results, also in stressful and critical situations.”

Univ. Prof. Dr. Michael Zimpfer, MBA

Professor and Chairman, Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, Medical University of Vienna

“I was strongly impressed by Dr. Zakel’s professionalism, his very good technical knowledge, his ability to assess difficult situations immediately and correctly and to find the correct solutions quickly working with extraordinarydedication and personal initiative reliably and precisely at all times. He was integrated into our team very well and showed himself to have excellent people skills, an excellent analytical mind, and valuable communication skills in addition to his broad scientific and medical knowledge.”

Univ. Prof. Dr. Gerald Ihra

Professor, Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, Medical University of Vienna

“Colonel Dr. Zakel gained a broad and international reputation as an approved and greatly demanded professional surgeon in a rewarding military environment, as army doctors had to face challenging times in an era of heavy commitments. … …he can communicate and react well to other people and different cultural backgrounds in a friendly and open manner.”

Brigadier General Claudius Bubner AAF

Austrian Military Representative, Austrian Delegation To NATO

“I worked with him during the FIFA Under-17 World Cup Tournament in November 2009, when it was held in Nigeria. Dieter was part of my team of doctors who worked as ‘clinic lead’ in one of the several bespoke intensive care clinics set-up in the cities in which the matches were being played. … Being as we were in a developing country, there were inevitable problems (more or less on a daily basis!), yet Dieter was able to deal with all of them effortlessly. He had the knack of motivating his team to undertake all the challenging tasks that were put to them. He was the Head Doctor on site.”

Dr. Christopher Lee

FIFA U-17 World Cup Chief Medical Coordinator, INTERNATIONAL SOS

“The United States Department of State extends its warmest regards to you for the medical assistance and care you have so generously extended to the U.S. Police Officers serving in the United Nations Police Training Mission in Kosovo. You are a credit to the medical profession and to Austria.”

Henry E. Wilkins

United States, Department Of State

"Dr. Zakel showed himself to have excellent people skills, an excellent analytical mind, and superb communication skills in addition to a broad scientific and medical knowledge. I firmly believe these skills make him perfectly suited for the job in question.”

Dr. Gregory Weeks

Professor, Webster University Vienna

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